Window theme documentation

Here we describe all about Window theme.

General information

We would like to thank you for purchasing Window, Before you get started, please be sure to check out these documentation files. Window theme can be used with wordpress only. We assume that you already have WordPress installed and ready to start, If you do not, please see our tab (Wordpress installation).

WordPress installation

To install Window theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. and if you need some help with installing wordpress you can follow the instructions in Wordpress Codex or you can watch this Instructional Video or watch it right here.

Installing Window

Using found in ZIP file you downloaded from you should perform the following steps:

  1. Log into wordpress admin panel
  2. Go to Apperance and choose themes then click on add new button
  3. click upload theme button then choose the theme file and upload
  4. Once installation is complete you can activate Window theme
  5. after activating the theme you will be notified that you have to install a required plugin (Unyson) and recommended plugins (Contact form 7 and fontawesome for menus), just install and activate them
  6. after installing all plugins you will be notified to install the unyson extensions which extend the theme functionality, just install them easily
  7. Congratulations, now you completed the theme installation correctly

to install demo content data follow the following steps :

  1. Log into wordpress admin panel
  2. Hover on tools and select Demo content install
  3. Select your preferred demo and click install This will delete your content you currently have on your website but you will have a backup you can restore it easily
  4. Wait for the installation process and don't close the page
  5. After the installation go to your home page you start using your website

To restore your previous content backup follow the following steps :

  1. Log into wordpress admin panel
  2. Hover on tools and select Backup
  3. You will find the backup under Archives
  4. just select it and click restore
  5. you can also create a full backup or content only backup and schedule backups in the future

Add post settings

to add new post or page just log into your wordpress admin panel then hover on posts or pages and select add new.

Window theme supports six post formats (Standard, Qoute, Gallery, Video, Audio, Link).

in new post you will find post formats and post format options below the editor, select the post format you want and the appeared controls will be described here.

  1. Standard: No options for this post format.

  2. Quote: you can add the qoute and qoute author. notice : the featured image will be the qoute background in single post page.

  3. Gallery: you can select images to add them to the carousel. notice : the featured image will be another slide in the carousel (the first slide).

  4. Video: Upload a video file (mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv, flv), or enter a video service url: youtube, twitter, or instagram (URL). Supports services listed here. notice : if you didn't entered the url the featured image will be displayed normally

  5. Audio: Upload a audio file (mp3, ogg, wma, m4a, wav), or enter a video service url :Soundcloud, mixcloud, or Spotify. Supports services listed here. notice : if the url you entered is for an audio file, the featured image will be the background of the audio player. if you didn't entered the url the featured image will be displayed normally.

  6. Link: Enter the url and the featured image will be the background of the link. notice :if you didn't entered the url the featured image will be displayed normally.


the following tabs will describe how to use theme control to customize Window theme to fit your needs.

Post Customizations :

for posts and page you customize the post with the following options:

  1. Post cover: Upload cover photo with high resolution (1200px X 350px recommended as a minimum size) to display it as a background for the post title and meta.

  2. Sidebar Position: Choose the sidebar position for this post only.

  3. Sidebar Position: Show or hide the advertisement area above the post for this post only.

  4. Bottom post banner: Show or hide the advertisement area under the post for this post only.

  5. Date Meta: Show or hide the post date.

  6. Categories meta: Show or hide the post Categories.

  7. Tags meta: Show or hide the post tags.

  8. Views meta: Show or hide the post views count.

  9. Like meta: Show or hide the post like heart button.

  10. Author name: Show or hide the post author name.

  11. Author Bio Box: Show or hide the author bio under the post.

  12. Share buttons: Show or hide the post share icons.

  13. Related posts: Show or hide the related posts box.


Review System :


Window theme has built-in review system so you can review any device or anything and it will be displayed like this:


just log into your admin dashboard and create a new post and select review system down the editor then fill your data. note: the score maximum allowed number is 10, no negative numbers and you can add float numbers like 7.6 - 5.3 etc, the main score will be calculated automatically.

Code highlighting : you can highlight the code by adding it between html pre tag like the following :


Will be like this :

Site settings

in general settings tab you will see another eight tabs with options that helps you to customize your website generally

General settings:

Website Layout Choose website main layout between boxed or wide or framed layouts.

Sticky Navbar turn on/off the sticky navbar

Sticky Sidebar turn on/off the sticky sidebar

Search box in Navbar turn on/off the search button in navbar

Time format Select time format between traditional time and time ago style.

Code highlighting system turn on/off the Code highlighting system

Scroll to top button turn on/off the Scroll to top button

Post excerpt length Define the post excerpt length for home page blocks and all archive pages.

Breadcrumbs turn on/off the Breadcrumbs, You must install unyson breadcrumbs extension to activate breadcrumbs from unyson extensions page in your admin dashboard.

Pagination Style Select pagination style from Next and Previous or 1,2,3,4

Date Meta turn on/off the Date Meta from home page and all archive pages.

Views meta turn on/off the Views Meta from home page and all archive pages.

Like meta turn on/off the Like Meta from home page and all archive pages.

Rate meta turn on/off the Date Rate from home page and all archive pages.

Home Layout

Home Page Blocks Add magazine blocks to your homepage using this control, just click on add block and the popup will open, write the block title (Will be visible if you selected posts mode only) and select the block type (Posts mode or advertisement mode)

Posts mode : select the block style, posts count and category. note: the selected category page url will be the url for the post title and if you selected multi categories the first one will be the url that we talked about.

advertisement mode: choose the ad type (image or code) and upload the banner and fill the data or add the ad code, the ad code supports HTML, Javascript, Text and Shortcodes.

Show recent posts turn on/off the recent posts (The blog).

Recent Posts Title add a title to the recent posts block.

Posts Style Choose recent posts style.

Sidebar Position Choose sidebar position for homepage.

Archive, Category, Tag, Author and search


Select sidebar position for each page and also select posts style. you can hide or show each page description and in the search page you can control the visibility of pages in search results.

Error 404 Page

in error 404 page you can select the error logo (Image or text) and write an error message and control the visibility of the search form for this page only.

Typography Settings

in typography setting you can customize fonts for the following elements :

don't choose more than 3 font families for speeding up the page loading (The less font families use, the more page loading speed)


Content pages typography

  1. Site title (Will be displayed if text logo selected)
  2. Site description (Tagline) (Will be displayed if text logo selected)
  3. Block and widget title
  4. Post title
  5. Small Post Title
  6. Post Title in carousel block
  7. Post content
  8. Read more button
  9. Error 404 logo
  10. Error 404 Message

Single post typography

  1. Post Title
  2. Post Title Cover mode
  3. Post content
  4. Heading 1
  5. Heading 2
  6. Heading 3
  7. Heading 4
  8. Heading 5
  9. Heading 6

Custom code

Window theme offers custom css and javascript code, the editors can be found in theme Settings page > custom code.

Post settings

Choose settings for single post

Choices :
  1. Sidebar Position
  2. Date meta
  3. Categories meta
  4. Tags meta
  5. Views meta
  6. Like meta
  7. Author name
  8. Author bio
  9. Next and prev posts
  10. Next and prev pages
  11. Share buttons on posts
  12. Share buttons on pages
  13. Disqus Comments
  14. Disqus short name

1- Choose post layout : Select post layout (sidebar position left or right or no sidebar) for all posts and pages.

2- Date meta : Show or hide date on single post or page.

3- Categories meta : Show or hide categories on single post or page.

4- Tags meta : Show or hide tags on single post.

5- Views meta : Show or hide views count on single post or page.

6- Author bio, Author name : Show or hide author bio box or author name on single post or page, the author bio contains the author name, avatar( from gravatar ), description and author social media links.

7- Next and prev posts : Show or hide Next and prev posts buttons on single post.

8- Share buttons on posts : Show or hide categories on single post.

9- Share buttons on pages : Show or hide categories on page.

10- Disqus Comments : Enable or disable disqus comments system. notice : when disqus enabled, the wordpress default comments system will be disabled.

11- Disqus short name : Disqus short name required to get the system working, to get your own short name you have to register in DISQUS service

You can also cotroll the visibilty of share icons through the share icons tab

choose the social share icons you want, just click show or hide on each icon and save. the available icons : facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, linkedin, stumble upon

Social media

In social media tab you can add unlimited social media links, just click the button (add social media button) and new box will appear, fill the form and choose the icon and click save.

also you can add up to 6 custom social media just go to custom social media tab and click add then do the following instructions :

This is font awesome icons you will find more than 450 icons and all can be found here.

social social


Window theme has four banners one in the header and above the post in single post and page and another one below the post and one in the footer.

to add banners or control them just go to theme setting page and select Advertisements tab then do the following instructions:

1- select the Ad type (image ad or custom code or disable it at all) in the selected area.

2- in image mode you can upload image banner from (Image banner) and add url from (Banner url) and add Alternative Text For The image and you can control whether you want it to open in new tab and to add No follow attribute to the add to improve your search engine optimization

3- in custom code mode you can add any custom code. Supports the following : HTML, Javascript, Text and Shortcodes.

Custom widgets

for extending the functionality and the user experience in window theme we provided the theme with 11 custom widget.

  1. Author posts
  2. Category posts
  3. Most liked posts
  4. Most viewed posts
  5. Random posts
  6. Recent posts
  7. News Letter
  8. Social media icons
  9. Sound cloud track
  10. Facebook like box
  11. Google plus box

in all posts widgets you can select between 4 posts styles

Slider widget style


Pictures widget style


Small List widget style


Big List widget style


Unlimited sidebars

With window theme you can create and set sidebar and footer widget for any page you want, you can select group of pages, posts, categories, authors or any other group or you can select one page or post and assign the widget areas or create a custom widget areas for it.

for pages group : select the group tab and select group of pages you want to set a sidebar for and replace the sidebars with the one you want and click add sidebar.

for specific page: Search for a specific page you want to set a sidebar for and replace the sidebars with the one you want and click add sidebar.



You can create a backup schedule for your website, Go to admin dashboard, hover on tools, you will find backup. you will see two ways of backup Full Backup - will save your themes, plugins, uploads and full database. Content Backup - will save your uploads and database without private data like users, admin email, etc. We recommend you create a backup schedule of your data

Demo Content Install

To install demo content go to admin dashboard, hover on tools, you will find demo content install, click install on the demo you prefer, you will be promoted that the demo installation process will delete all content you have but don't worry it will create a backup of your content you can restore it later, once the installation done you will see your website become ready, Go to theme settings page and click save to activate the options.